Regina Carrot’s Tips for Finding Your Passion and Gaining the Patience You Need in Business

One day a girl dreamed of inspiring people, she wanted to do it through artistic expressions such as singing, dancing and acting, by chance in life, and although she managed to become an actress, the young woman has decided to take other paths, in which it also helps people.

Cortesia by Regina Carrot | Editada por Entrepreneur in Spanish

In his life, reinvention and restarting are present in different ways. Today Carrot Regina , who is a digital content creator, actress, speaker and writer, wanted to take her career further and create ReSTARTness, a digital space that aims to focus on issues related to physical and mental well-being, business and others.

Regina , who defines himself as “a fun, authentic and very spontaneous person”, has a motivating content platform with more than 12.8 million followers or “carrotinos” and 350 million reproductions on its social networks.

“Everyone sometimes wants to start their life over again”

Restart was born at the start of the pandemic, when its creator realized that she wanted to build something beyond her personal brand and its motivational and human development content.

“[I wanted] to develop a platform and concept that would help people identify how to be successful. After giving it a lot of thought and working with my team and management, we created Restart … Because sometimes everyone wants to give their life a new start, ”Regina comments in an exclusive interview.

Thus, together with the Women Economic Forum Iberoamérica and the Heraldo Youth Economic, he presented a forum, which served as a platform for dialogue between young people on economic, cultural, political, emotional and social issues.

“I think there is a super big need, which we are already dragging on. People were asking for it without knowing it, especially the mental health issue. To be well, to be able to start and have a business, you have to be good in yourself, the problem with mental health is that what you don’t see so easily that you can’t cure it, because you don’t know you’re sick, it’s not like it’s an apple, if i showed you a rotten apple, would you eat it? Obviously not, ”he explains.

According to the State Center for Epidemiological Surveillance and Disease Control (CEVECE), mood disorders, including depression, account for 11% of mental health consultations. Being the main reason for consultation anxiety disorders with 20%. During the pandemic, there was a 5% increase in these disorders compared to previous years.

What do we need to do to find our passion?

Starting from the fact that we must pay attention to our mental health and seek measures to be well in this direction, the digital entrepreneur recognizes that “to do the first step” is one of the most difficult things we might face when starting something new, but if you don’t start, you move further and further away from finding or doing something that you really love.

“What helped me a lot to start, to find myself and to be good with myself, is to go through a lot. Before I reached the world of human development and psychology, which is my passion… I started acting in TV series 10 years ago, imagine another world of entertainment, I tried, and j ‘said’ Do I like this? No’. I studied marketing, I worked for a long time in this field and I liked it and it was good, but it was not my passion, and I think there are a lot of people who have this Also, sometimes you’re into things where you’re good at what you do, but that’s not your passion or your goal, ”he says.

Once you’ve found your passion, you need to lead the way

One of the things that cost Regina the most in her career as a content creator is validation in the world of motivation and human development.

“In the world of motivation and human development, people have always told me things like, ‘Oh, but what are you going to teach me, what have you been through or you suffered to teach about motivation? ‘ I have the studies, I have the preparation, but I have to constantly remind people, and my age, so that they see that this is something serious, ”he explains.

Set short-term goals

According to Regina, many people think that “structuring a digital business is very easy”. The young woman explains that it’s like any other business in which you have to face different challenges day after day.

In order to overcome these obstacles, he recommends setting and programming short-term goals that you can collect and thus achieve your long-term goals.

“I know a lot of people who set medium and long term goals, that’s great, but if you forget about the short ones, you won’t be motivated because you need those little incentives… let’s say we hit it. goal of the month, now we are aiming for the six-month goal. it helps not to give up… Most digital entrepreneurs give up after less than six months because they want automatic results and it takes patience to achieve great things ”.

How to achieve this patience?

1. Realize that you have no control over anything

“There are things you can control every day, but let go of the things you don’t.”

2. Living in the present

I was a person with a lot of anxiety because I wanted to know what was going to happen? And because? So live in the present, practice mindfulness will help you to deepen it ”.

3. Surround yourself with a good team

“Find people, friends or mentors, most of all, who have lived where you want to be and who are teaching you the process. It’s something that has a lot to do with patience, it’s not something overnight ”.

4. I don’t want to be viral or, in other cases, earn a lot of money very quickly

“Today the term everyone is talking about is ‘we have to go viral.’ Virality is peaking in sales and it is going down. If you create a community instead of having an audience, the community can be a thousand. people, but they are loyal to you, they follow your brand, they support you, they do your thing … Virality will give you a sporadic moment and then you will disappear from the map ”.

Now that the year 2021 is drawing to a close, the accounts by social media of what our behavior was in them is beginning, so we are reminded of all the goals and dreams that we had in the first few months. How many have you achieved?

The number doesn’t matter whether you have done it or not, there is always a new opportunity to start, although for many the idea of ​​starting something new cripples us, just follow these tips and get started. to find what excites you.