Riya Deepsi on Broadcasting Daring Scenes on OTT Platforms

Bombay : Riya Deepsi in this exclusive interview talks about her web series Mombian – Gul & Sakshi Ki Pyaaari Si Love Story. The actress talks about the characters she is looking forward to playing on OTT platforms, her acting journey and her way of showing off daring scenes on OTT platforms.

Riya Deepsi on the characters she can’t wait to play on OTT platforms?

I’m looking for characters that really interest me. I want to do characters that I can relate to as an actor. I want to connect with the character’s emotions, which is most important to me. I’m not particularly looking for a character, but if I get a role that can challenge me as an actor, it’s welcome. My goal is to become a versatile actor, so if a character I feel can challenge my acting caliber, I would definitely take it.

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Riya Deepsi on her acting journey

Frankly, I won’t say that my struggle is over until now. I think the struggle will be over when I get ten calls for the script. So for me, getting into the industry was really easy, but surviving it is the hardest part. Survive, I mean, when you start, you have no expectations, you just go with the flow. But with experience also comes the expectation because after a certain point you want to play a character, so there are budget issues as well. So many times actors like us lose their jobs because we either don’t find the character interesting or sometimes the budget doesn’t work out. So I think surviving in the industry is very difficult.

Riya Deepsi on Broadcasting Daring Scenes on OTT Platforms

I believe bold scenes are shown to excite the audience. It is not required in the script or it is not necessary to display any type of graph. I think there should be an app where they should ask users if they want to see bold content or not. As I said, there are a lot of daring scenes just to attract the audience, which is not necessary at all. I’m someone who will only do the daring scenes if it’s required by the script or if it’s actually required to show love. Kissing or having sex with someone is a form of passion and if you show the love affair between two people, you have to show it. So I think if you show people a love journey, it has to be there.

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