Roberto Mancini reveals old passion for Juventus, names youth idol

Throughout his playing career, Roberto Mancini has never signed for Juventus. The former striker spent most of his career at Sampdoria before playing for Lazio for three seasons.

Even during his managerial career, the Italian has often found himself at the helm of some of the Bianconeri’s most hated rivals including Inter and Fiorentina.

And yet the current Italy boss was a born and raised Juventus fan, all thanks to his old man.

Mancini also admitted that the player he admired as a youth was Bianconeri legend Roberto Bettega.

But as the Euro 2020 winner explains, the passion died as his playing career progressed, as he learned to support the teams he represented at the time.

“I supported Juve, like my father. My idol was Bettega. But it was a childhood passion. When you start playing soccer, you support your team. And now, as a coach, I encourage all Italians, ”said the coach of the Italian national team in an interview with Sports week Going through ilBianconero.

Mancini still believes Juventus are the strongest Serie A team despite what the results on the pitch since the start of the season suggest.

“For me, Juve remain the strongest team in the league, despite a situation that will not allow them to win the Scudetto.

“There are seasons when things go wrong. We Italians always have to look for a culprit, even if he does not exist. It’s sport, things don’t always turn out the way you expected. It is also its beauty, because anyone can win.