Room 120: Three friends turn a childhood passion into a business

Would you ever sell the shirt off your back? What if I told you it could turn into making $1,000 in sales in your parents’ basement overnight at sixteen? What if after that it becomes a business that makes $1,000 in sales in its first three months? This is the story of Room 120 Vintage.

Room 120 was born out of a college dorm, but its roots start long before that. In 2012, Brantley Massey, the founder of Room 120, made a bag with his grandmother entirely from raw materials. At just twelve years old, Brantley was fascinated by the prospect of being able to create something so beautiful from just a few fabric swatches, and a passion for fashion was born in Brantley. In order to find inspiration and clothes to work on, Brantley began shopping almost exclusively at thrift stores. In 2015, Brantley’s wardrobe consisted of entirely handpicked second-hand clothes from her local thrift store. This unique style has caught the attention of her peers. Thanks to this interest, Brantley was able to turn a passion into a business. In 2017, Brantley hosted the first of many open houses in his parents’ basement where you could buy anything in his closet, including the clothes he wore on his back.

In 2019, Brantley wanted to start selling clothes again and recognized he needed help to do so. Brantley credited his close friends and eventual Room 120 co-founders Max Boivin and Xander Bradford with the skills to help get Room 120 off the ground. The three friends worked tirelessly for two weeks to prepare what became the room. 120. The name comes from Brantley’s dormitory at Evangel University. It was in room 120 that the three became friends. There they spent countless hours chatting, laughing and having fun.

Room 120 started in 2021 and it is growing slowly but surely. One of Room 120’s main goals is to empower people to buy clothes ethically. Fast fashion has grown in popularity, as has the industry’s contribution to pollution. Purchasing used clothing reduces the waste caused by the production and disposal of clothing. Room 120 also has big dreams of helping local talent in its birthplace of Springfield, Missouri. Springfield is full of local artists, musicians and talent, they wish they could create a space for people to show off that talent. Room 120 was the three friends’ sanctuary and retreat, and they want to extend that feeling beyond the dorm and all over town.

You can follow Room 120 on their Instagram page @room120vintage.

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