Sofia Gillani talks about musical passion, “Flames” and future projects

Grassroots talent is in greater demand than ever, and up-and-coming artist, Sofia Gillani, is one of the names on everyone’s radar.

The London-based singer/songwriter released her first song ‘Aint A Game’ in 2020 at just 13 years old.

With multiple releases under her belt, the soulful musician is gearing up for a summer takeover with her track “Flames.”

With a dash of inspiration from Ariana Grande and Adele, Sofia’s elegant vocals resonate throughout the song.

At such a young age, her storytelling skills are majestic and impressive. “Flames” is raw, passionate and rewarding but shows just how talented Sofia Gillani is.

His authentic and abstract approach to music speaks volumes.

While she is still developing as a musician, there is a certain hunger in her voice when she sings. She has a mature presence in her songs and it sounds so easy.

There are no shortcuts or fancy frills, she just uses her textured sound to create colorful pieces that strike your soul.

Mixing genres, styles and tones, the starlet’s path to success becomes as impactful as her music.

Thus, DESIblitz caught up with Sofia Gillani to talk about ‘Flames’, her inspirations and her musical career so far.

How was your love for music born?

I started singing around 10 years old. I got inspired by listening to my dad play guitar and discovering particular songs in the car.

Once I did my first singing performance in school, I was completely motivated to pursue my musical creativity to see where it could go.

My sound leans towards pop music with many of my favorite influences.

My identity is imprinted all over my sound, as I express myself through my musical journey. Influences range from SIA to Adele.

My influences in songwriting come from my environment, my experiences and the world. I also like to read several books.

I learned to capture production by watching my dad tinker through his musical journey.

Can you tell us about ‘Flames’ and the creative process behind it?

“Flames” is paired with my latest release, “Water Run Dry” to amplify the message of natural change and karma.

“Water Run Dry” is an abstract metaphor for never losing hope and seeking a solution when times seemed impossible.

“‘Flames’ coincides with this message and becomes the extinguisher of disbelief.”

This is another metaphor for using flames to extinguish something. It removes obstacles.

It showcases my progression of expressing myself in the next era of courage and development, while foreshadowing an even heavier, stronger and wiser climax.

It’s ruthless when it comes to addressing major issues in anyone’s life, ranging from liars, patience, restraint, but most importantly consequences.

There is no escaping the sacrifices we have made, and this song is here to glorify it.

What do you hope ‘Flames’ accomplishes?

I really have no expectations. I don’t apply that pressure to myself.

But I think it will be appreciated by listeners and advance my musical career.

I am sure they will be able to see and hear the clear progress of “The Water Runs Dry” to the burning sensation of the ‘Flames’.

I want fans to feel thrilled, energized and aware when they listen to the track and my musical in general.

Watch the sample above to get an idea of ​​the song and I hope you all enjoy!!!

What kind of atmosphere did you want to create for the clip?

We went with the concept of my house burning down but I refuse to leave.

We had a lot of smoke machines and actors to play extras.

Soloman, my longtime video collaborator, had the ideas. It was such a fun time!

“I hope people can see that I’m just me. I have a musical vision and I stick to it.

I was blessed with an extremely wide vocal range that definitely sets me apart.

Did you encounter any challenges as a future musician?

Sofia Gillani talks about musical passion,

I’ve faced challenges with recording techniques before, but I developed and learned quickly.

I have a great team working behind the scenes for me who really believe in me and that means more to me than anything.

This allows me to continue.

My music and I evolve together, and my lyrical work and composition will reflect that.

Which artists would you like to work with and why?

I would love to co-write with SIA and also do something with Adele.

“I think our vocals would blend well on a record.”

That said, I can exclusively reveal that I have a song called “Monster” that I’m in the process of shooting a music video for.

Also another song ‘Won’t Be One’ which I finished a music video for. Stay tuned!

Finally, what is the ultimate goal you want to achieve with your music?

Sofia Gillani talks about musical passion,

Well, I learned acting skills and stage presence very early on by playing in musicals.

I’m a star actress and have always loved drama and it’s definitely something I would revisit.

But what I’m trying to say is the sky’s the limit. Anything is possible if you stick with it. I was there and now I am here.

My dreams are so big. But I really appreciate the small victories.


It’s very surprising but impressive how Sofia Gillani talks about her passion for music.

His self-confidence and tireless work ethic for someone so young is amazing to behold. No wonder she is gaining notoriety in the industry.

She has been featured in other publications like Highwire magazine as good as Projector and Fusion Nostalgia.

The singer is extremely excited to start producing continuous singles and believes music is one of the most impactful art forms, previously stating:

“This is your chance to prove to the world what you think about music, no matter how small your recognition.

“This is your chance to release what you want to say.

“And passive-aggressive comments, people telling you to give up or forget, can never do what you do.

“You have a message. Sing it, shout it. There’s no right and wrong in real music.

This type of message is normally conveyed by musicians who have been around for decades. But it underlines just how unique Sofia is.

“Flames” comes at a time when the musical landscape is shifting towards a celebration of British artists and their work.

You can hear the London roots in Sofia’s voice, as well as the emotions behind her thoughts. So, there is no doubt that the song will be a huge hit.

Hear the incredible projects of Sofia Gillani here.