Investments in art, classic cars, jewelry, watches and luxury handbags yield handsome returns for ultra-high net worth individuals A growing number of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) from India are showing a keen interest in passionate investments, which primarily consist of art, jewelry, classic cars, watches and luxury handbags.Read More →

Despite the natural reluctance that some feel towards credit cards, it is a relatively simple method of payment since the law requires that fees and conditions be communicated in advance. Credit card companies are prohibited from charging hidden fees or concealing long-term costs thanks to the Credit Cards Act 2009.Read More →

Many people who volunteer find that selfless work provides deeper satisfaction than any paid work, regardless of pay level. Photo / 123rf Are you currently worried about going to work? Is it a daily struggle to stay motivated because you find your job boring, boring, and repetitive? Of course, thisRead More →

Steven Rosenblum, right, and Brecken Rosenblum, left, compete in an arm wrestling tournament. (Courtesy of Steven Rosenblum) For Steven Rosenblum, a Jewish resident of northeast Philadelphia, the standoff isn’t just a sleight of hand. A few years ago it became his main hobby. Then it turned into his side hustle,Read More →