(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – California, USA December 20, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Independent music composer Brandon Pugh of 50 Shots Beats is a household name in the contemporary music industry. He recently posted a brand new issue, “Passion” on his YouTube, catching the attention of music lovers around the world.Read More →

If you’ve watched basketball in the past 15 years, you know Russell Westbrook, the man at the center of Passion Play: Russell Westbrook, a new feature documentary making its debut on Showtime. The film offers an insider’s perspective on the polarizing playmaker, a man who reshaped the record books whileRead More →

YOKOHAMA, Japan – After clearing the second goal for the final, Japanese shortstop Hayato Sakamoto felt overwhelmed by a new sensation. For so long, Japan had never achieved Olympic glory in a beloved sport. Ahead of the gold medal game on Saturday at Yokohama Baseball Stadium, Sakamoto, 32, admitted heRead More →