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The group turns passion into purpose to guide another team to the global robotics stage

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) — A group of high school students in Hawaii have won their own victory after coming together to help other like-minded young people develop their skills, ultimately bringing them onto the world robotics stage.

The O-Botics Foundation has set up over 100 workshops for young people to learn and explore the world of robotics.

“In one of these workshops, a little girl came up to us and said that my mother didn’t have enough money for me to participate in robotics competitions and it really touched our hearts,” said said Max Natatsuji.

A huge win for a local non-profit organization working to bring more bright, young and talented people into robotics.

Nakatsuji is one of the members of the O-Bots, whose mentor is Nathan Yoshimoto.

“We at the O-Bots foundation, I mean, we’ve been mentoring the Boys and Girls Club for a few years and we’re actually going to step up and mentor them to the world championship as they take to the world stage,” Yoshimoto said. . .

Their natural passion turned into a goal.

“This year, as high school students, we decided to focus our efforts entirely on the Boys and Girls Club,” said Jake Yoshimoto.

This team is now on another level.

“It earned them a spot to represent Hawaii at the world championships in Houston, so we’re very proud of them,” said Richie Mamiya. “It was a truly amazing overall experience.

These smart young people realize they have a gift. More importantly, they understand how lucky they are to have the opportunity to pursue what they love.

“It’s just a really amazing thing to see because not everyone is blessed with such incredible opportunities as it first presented to a lot of us, so we’re really trying to reach out to communities and find those kids who really have that passion,” Mamiya added.

Yoshimoto said the O-Bots have mentored other teams, but calls the Boys and Girls Club kids “really special.”

“I mean they work hard, they have a good drive – they’re very smart kids and for them to have this opportunity and for us to help them, it’s really great and it’s a good thing” , Yoshimoto said.

If you would like to support the foundation, send an email to [email protected]

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