The Lacombe Hockey Brothers Share a Passion for Hockey and a Place on the Ice – Lacombe Express

By Carlie Sanderson

For Black News Media

Brothers Troy Maclise, 27, and Cam Maclise, 30, grew up playing hockey and it’s something they still have in common to this day. The two have had quite the career so far, but a good time for both boys finally got to play together last year with the Lacombe Generals.

Troy plays left wing, while Cam plays center and a little right wing.

Growing up in Camrose, the boys played hockey from an early age and it’s something that stuck with them.

They said they were both honored to be nominated in Best of Lacombe’s Readers’ Choice Awards for top local athletes. Troy was voted number one, while Cam was voted number two. Troy thought it was a bit of a prank on his brother, since Cam has always played at the higher level of hockey than him.

Looking back on their last year, a good time for them was playing together on the same team.

“We were always two years apart, so we never played together on the same team. We were able to play on the same line, so that was really cool,” Troy said, adding that they are good friends.

“Getting to play with him was awesome. It kind of came full circle for us. It was a lot of fun,” Cam said.

Although the brothers have played competitively, they are there for the fun of the sport.

Cam said going forward is all about having fun and playing with his friends and brother.

“The last 10 years or so while I was playing competitively was all about trying to level up, and now that I’ve moved away from the competitive side it’s more for fun and being with friends and guys. that I grew up playing with.

For Troy, it’s about playing competitive hockey for as long as he can.

In addition to playing hockey, Troy is a carpenter and has a year left in his apprenticeship, while Cam is working on earning his accounting designation with MNP.

Their other interests include golf in the summer, hiking and backpacking.

“It’s pretty much hockey in the winter and golf in the summer,” Troy said.

Their parents also have a place in Invermere, BC, where the boys go skiing.