The passion for singing leads to the album

After 18 months without being able to perform in concerts and competitions due to the Covid-19 crisis, Eryrod Meirion reunited to record his first self-titled album.

The album, recorded in November, will be released this month by the choir, made up of 17 young men aged between 20 and 35, mostly from the Llanuwchllyn area.

The choir was formed in 2017 by Branwen Haf Williams to compete at the National Eisteddfod in Anglesey.

They achieved immediate success and popularity and have since entertained many audiences at social gatherings across Wales and beyond.

Branwen said, “Like their ancestors, singing is an integral part of these boys’ lives.

“Not being able to come together to sing for the past 18 months has been devastating, with everyone feeling deprived without the companionship that comes so naturally from being part of a choir.

“Although they are mischievous and sometimes a little difficult, standing in front of them as a conductor is invariably satisfying work – their passion for singing is contagious.

“During such a difficult time, being able to spend two whole days singing in each other’s company has been a blessing, despite the obvious challenges of trying to keep 17 young men under control!”

She added: “The album contains a healthy mix of folk songs, songs from the Cwmni Theatr Maldwyn musicals and covers of songs by popular contemporary artists such as Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog and Alys Williams. We hope it contains something to please everyone!

“We dedicate this first album to our biggest fan, the irreplaceable Anti Ann Pant-clyd, who unfortunately did not live the day of its release.”

Eryrod Meirion was released on February 11 on the Recordiau Maldwyn label.