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ash bolt

For Craig Werner, volunteering is a great way to keep busy.

Not one for tech, Craig started volunteering after moving to Lara from Ballarat five years ago.

“It keeps me busy and I like doing things with my hands,” he said.

“Don’t give me a pen and paper or a computer because it’s not for me, I like doing things and helping people.

“That’s what makes me happy.”

After his move, Craig signed on with the Lara Lions Club.

“My volunteer work at the Lions Club gives me another home, and again, I feel valued to be able to make my small contribution,” he said.

One of his favorite ways to help the community is through the club’s graffiti removal program.

To maintain Lara’s tody town image, whenever graffiti is reported in town, volunteers like Craig are called in to clean it up.

“I sometimes get a call saying there’s graffiti at the Sportsman’s Club, so I’ll go around and get rid of it,” he said.

“If you look around Lara, you won’t see too much graffiti anymore.”

Along with this, Craig has also become the 55-plus-year-old village ‘volunteer caretaker’ of Lakeside Lara.

Craig often collects foodstuffs donated to the village and packs them before delivering them to residents to make sure no one is missing, while always being ready to lend a hand when needed.

Thanks to his volunteer work, Craig was recently awarded the Village’s Most Valuable Community Member award.

“”Craig is just a generous, selfless soul who goes out of his way to help the whole community,” said Village Manager Cath Stahl.

“The work he does for the Lions Club is nothing short of exceptional and speaks to his character. Craig is a very humble man, which is why we have nominated him for recognition – he truly deserves it.