The Scent of Passion: the stories we share and the lessons we learn

The series, set on a coffee farm in Colombia, is about romance, heartbreak, and the drama that comes with finding love. It also shows betrayal, greed, rivalry and selfishness. The series begins when Gaviota, a coffee bean picker falls in love with Sebastian, who takes over the coffee business after his father’s death. Although they come from different worlds, their aspirations and ambitions remain similar.

Although Gaviota didn’t have a formal education because her family couldn’t afford it, she is smart, intelligent, and kind. As a beautiful lady and coffee bean picker, she performs her work with diligence, pride and satisfaction. No wonder Sebastian falls head over heels in love with her. One of the takeaways from the character of Gaviota, played by Laura Londono, is that lack of formal education is not a passport to being unintelligent, but it is a motivation to become bolder, smarter, and smarter. open to learning.

What is most interesting in the series, The scent of passion, is that it comes with a storyline that appeals to a wide audience. Like most Telemundo series, The scent of passion is not only relatable and engaging, you can also draw a lot of inspiration from it.

For example, when someone discovers that a person is genuine and willing to give their heart forever, boundaries can be adjusted to accommodate the beauty of love. After all, the world needs love to thrive.

The scent of passion airs daily at 9pm WAT on Telemundo, DStv Channel 118.