Touching lives positively is my passion – Shadrach – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach, author and activist, in this interview with SAMSON BENJAMIN, talks about his passion for helping the less privileged in society. It also looks at the general elections next year as well as the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

You said you are committed to promoting social and moral values; So what is your reaction to the war between Russia and Ukraine?

War is a terrible thing. This has caused concern across the world. The growth and development of any nation should not rely solely on technology; for me, social promotion is the surest. The whole world is now witnessing how one great superpower, one of the global tech giants, is daringly terrorizing another. I think if the focus is on social advancement, it will be much easier to coordinate things to avoid conflicts of this nature.

However, we pray that peace will be restored in both countries. World leaders must ensure that the love that engenders peaceful coexistence is maintained. Let us also ensure that the primary purpose of humans on this planet is secured. We know what can lead to a crisis and therefore we must avoid them and promote dialogue. In this way, we can secure each other with love. So, I enjoin the two governments to find a compromise while I urge the other governments to help resolve the crisis between neighboring countries. This will certainly prevent a Third World War.

As a seasoned author and activist, tell us about your writing.

Well, I have to admit that I love making the world touch my feelings and understand my mind and heart through my books and articles. I feel really happy when I see people reading my books. When I walk into a bookstore and see my books on the shelves, I feel big tears welling up in my eyes. That alone gives me the courage I need to carry on.

Yes, the themes of my writing are powerfully transformational, educational, entertaining and motivational/inspirational. And like I said earlier, touching lives positively is my main goal. So I’m in a very good position to recognize my journey as a writer as a great thing. My political books and articles are a big boost for my writing career. Thanks to them, my political warnings are heard and, I thank God that they have been widely received even though they have been published in some of Nigeria’s leading international newspapers and journals.

Do you have any projects at the moment?

Yeah, I’m working on three coin collections for the Peacemaker film industry founded by Dr Adekusibe Emmanuel Adedeji. I have completed two and the third is in progress. The film producer and director is currently working to turn the plays into movies this year. I am happy to work with this personality; he really had a positive impact on my efforts. I welcome anyone with such a spirit. I trust in God that we will successfully complete the project together and my heartfelt prayers for him and his team are to see them grow through his grace.

What’s your best day so far and why?

I can’t really pick a day in my life to be the happiest. What I do know is that I am always happy because all my daily encounters have logical and spiritual contributions that I consider rewarding. In this regard, every day is my happy day. I take it as a happiest day when people recognize my contributions to humanity and so my happiest day has to be that day when people come together to celebrate my legacy in humanity. So it can be during my lifetime or after my transition even though I don’t believe in the concept of death.

Your recent articles dwell a lot on politics and most of the points raised refer to national politics. What do you think of the 2023 general elections scheduled for next year?

My happiness will be to experience free and fair elections. Nigeria is old enough to hold credible elections. President Muhammadu Buhari has enough experience to ensure credible polls. I invite our young people to work together to see how they can take on leadership positions. They have the ability to do that. Let’s come together to do it.

You care so much about politics; do you plan to join politics in the future?

Although politics is not my main vocation, having obtained my main vocation as a writer and activist, I have time in the future to join politics. Changing lives for the better is my earthly purpose, as I said earlier. So if I see that the policy will further this goal, I might join it.