Two series of Yamaha One Passion computer mice

Yamaha is known both as a specialist in sound and instruments as well as for its motorcycle heritage. For its latest project “Two Yamahas One Passion”, Yamaha and Yamaha Motor Co. have conceptualized two computer mouse models inspired by its wind instruments and motorcycle engines.

The wind instrument mouse arrives in brass similar to that of a trumpet or trombone, with ergonomic brown touch points on the sides and piston valves like the left and right clickers. Developed by an instrument designer, the mouse is designed to look like an analog tool, with electron flow versus airflow.

The Yamaha Motor Co. Mouse comes in a dark gray and silver metallic finish with exterior grips wrapped in carbon fiber patterns. The heart of the mouse uses a motorcycle engine as its design motif, the automotive-inspired frame provides a more dynamic feel, and the Yamaha badge is displayed on the front, similar to that of a motorcycle. “You’ll feel like you’re controlling a vehicle while working with your computer!” writes Yamaha.

Browse the images above and stay tuned to the Yamaha Design Lab Instagram below for release information.

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