Unparalleled energy and passion for cancer care

Megan McCarthy, RN, is the essence of a great nurse.

I have worked in oncology for nearly 30 years and have come across many wonderful and caring professionals. Megan McCarthy is one of the best. His energy and passion for the work of caring for cancer patients is simply unmatched. She is a caring and considerate colleague to her nursing team and can be counted on to elevate any care setting she enters.

The neighborhood where Megan practices in the borough of Queens, New York, is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse in the world. Her approach to each patient is sensitive and questioning, always seeking to understand the person in front of her. His skills are unmatched both clinically and psychologically.

In the world of COVID-19, patients are understandably worried and fearful, especially in a city that has seen the devastating consequences of the pandemic over the past year.

Not only did Megan help patients navigate the vaccination process during treatment, but she eased fears by demonstrating strict procedural boundaries for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Megan acts as a mentor and instructor in her offices, displaying a natural leadership ability well beyond her years of experience. Those in her sphere admire her, and she is a go-to person for answers as well as for the development of those around her.

I submit a sincere and enthusiastic application to this wonderful nursing professional. The quality and compassion with which she provides care deserves recognition. Thank you for considering her for this award.