Victoria Beckham reveals husband David’s surprising passion for beekeeping in funny video

Victoria and David Beckham keep a number of beehives in their country garden. (Getty Images)

Victoria Beckham has revealed her husband David’s surprising passion for beekeeping in a fun video.

The fashion designer, 48, shared a clip on Instagram showing the oblivious former footballer, 47, filming the bees he keeps at what appears to be their Cotswold country home.

In the post, he can be seen – wearing a flat farmer’s cap – holding a phone at the entrance to one of the many beehives in their back garden.

Commenting on the video, the Spice Girl can be heard saying, “So David is doing a photo shoot of his bees.

“He tries to get them at the right angle. Make sure it’s flattering.”

Calling her other half, while continuing her own secret filming, the mother-of-four said, “How do they look?”

The ex-athlete – who has already posted about his beekeeping on Instagram – replied: “Incredible”.

Secretly speaking to the camera again, she added: “He’s so cute. He literally walks around loving and caring for his little bee friends.

“Take a selfie with his bees. Crouch for his bees. He’s gonna get stung in a minute.”

Captioning the clip, Beckham jokingly wrote, “Hot stuff looking for her sticky stuff!”

The post, which has been viewed more than 771,000 times, received hundreds of comments.

Their son Romeo, 19, left a series of laughing and crying face emojis, while another social media user compared her to David Attenborough.

A fan also wrote, “I don’t know which is cuter, him and his fascination with bees or your adorable comment!!”

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