We took our passion to the United States

Lewis Hamilton on the moon as Formula 1 finally takes place in the United States. Formula 1 has successfully penetrated American motor racing fans, who can now experience the sport in person. There are currently two races in this country on the calendar, with the Miami Grand Prix next weekend. Next year there are three races on the calendar.

The first Grand Prix will take place in Miami this weekend. With this newcomer to Formula 1, there are two races in the United States on the calendar this year. Las Vegas will join this group next season. So many expectations, especially for Hamilton who is delighted to see Formula 1 finally gaining a foothold in the United States. will teach you Motorsport.com

In the past, there were also races on the Indianapolis circuit, but that ended after 2007. Hamilton, who won the last edition in Indianapolis, sees a positive development: “I grew up and I I quickly discovered how incredible this sport is. However, Formula 1 is in America. I didn’t have a seat. It’s great that we also have our passion for the United States. The love for this sport is growing.

Weekend to look forward to

The weekend hasn’t started yet, but the excitement is high. The Miami circuit consists of several slow sections, but also a straight section where Formula 1 drivers can reach high speeds. “Miami is going to be an experience for all of us. That goes for motorsport people, fans watching, people going to the races. America has a lot to offer, so it’s something to look forward to. “Hamilton said.