Where to watch “The Passion of the Christ”

What’s so good about Good Friday?

It may sound paradoxical, but for Christians everywhere, it is the farthest thing from heretic to think that Good Friday is the most appropriate time to say TGIF. This is because it is the day when Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. (Spoiler alert for non-Christians: Jesus died for your sins, but not for long, because he was resurrected this Sunday, which Christians celebrate as Easter, so those Romans really didn’t know what they were doing!)

Film critics weren’t quite sure Mel Gibson knew what he was doing in 2004 when he self-funded and directed a bloody and violent version of Christ’s Punishment and Death titled The passion of Christentirely shot in Hebrew, Latin and Aramaic.

And yet, viewers responded in droves.

The film, which starred Jim Caviezel as Jesus of Nazareth and Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene, grossed $612 million worldwide, making it the fifth highest-grossing film of 2004. It also received three Academy Award nominations, for Best Makeup, Cinematography and Original Score. .

As Easter approaches, you might be curious where to look The passion of Christ. We are here to help you.

East The passion of Christ on Netflix?

Not at the moment, unfortunately.

East The passion of Christ on Hulu?

No. (Disney wouldn’t touch this movie with a 10ft crucifix.)

where can i watch The passion of Christ? How to watch The passion of Christ

Amazon Prime subscribers can watch The passion of Christ for free on Prime Video. If you need commercial breaks to take more time to digest this emotionally powerful film, you can watch it on Roku via The Roku Channel or tube.