White Claw Passion Fruit is a bright and refreshing addition to the range

For many people, opening a can of White Claw is a sip of pure pleasure. Although this invitation is still open, the sentiment is unassuming. The fun awaits those who wish to live the experience. With the new White Claw passion fruit, the tropical flavor opens the door to another epic adventure.

Although the hard seltzer space has an abundance of cans on the shelf, one of the most recognizable beverage brands is White Claw. Always with a sense of self-expression, a touch of freedom and a willingness to have fun, opening a can is more than just a sip of refreshment. It’s a toast to what’s possible.

Over the years, White Claw has offered flavors that have broad appeal. From a crunchy citrus option to sweet yet slightly tart black cherry, everyone tends to have a favorite flavor. Thanks to the use of the brand’s BrewPure technology, the flavor is clean, balanced and always refreshing.

As the brand expands its offering, the newest addition, White Claw Passion Fruit, looks to the tropics for flavor inspiration. While it doesn’t instantly bring a warm breeze upon opening a can, the flavor invites the drinker to explore the contrasts between sweet and tart.

Sometimes hard to describe for someone who has never eaten passion fruit, the flavor has a sweetness like a pineapple and the tartness of a kiwi. Although most people are intrigued by the colorful center of a passion fruit, it’s the flavor that’s alluring. From desserts to a few savory applications, this tropical fruit may look exotic but is quite versatile.

With the new White Claw passion fruit, the brand has found a way to capture that sweet yet tart flavor in its own iconic way. Although launched during the winter, this drink would be perfect on a hot day. This brightness adds to the refreshing quality. With just the right amount of acidity, it awakens the palate from the first sip and everyone wants another.

Since the White Claw is a session, the new flavor lends itself to enjoying a few over the course of a day. The drink is never heavy or sweet. Whether drunk on its own, paired with spicy noodles, or enjoyed at the drinker’s choice, the flavor is a great addition to the lineup.

The new White Claw passion fruit is available in the second edition of the White Claw Variety Pack. These flavors include watermelon, lemon, and tangerine. Passion fruit will replace mango. The second edition of the White Claw Variety Pack will be available in mid-February.

What other White Claw flavors should join the line? Do you think tropical flavors are still in fashion?