‘Youngest bidder in IPL history’: Mum Juhi Chawla praises Jahnavi Mehta’s passion for cricket

New Delhi | Jagran entertainment desk: The mega auction for IPL 2022 ended a few days ago, apart from some major auctions and players bought by 10 franchises, the IPL 2022 mega auction made headlines for the presence of the girl of Juhi Chawla, Jahnavi Mehta, SRK’s son, Aaryan Khan, and Suhana Khan’s daughter. presence on the KKR table.

Kolkata Knight Riders is jointly owned by Juhi Chawla and SRK and this year the younger generation have taken over and represented their parents at the KKR table. Among three, Jahnavi Mehta (20), the youngest of the trio, attended her third IPL auction, and her mother Juhi Chawla now reveals that Jahnavi is a true cricket fan and the youngest ever bidder .

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla posted a video of her daughter with her on Thursday and shared a heartfelt note for her daughter praising her love and passion for cricket.

Sharing the video, Juhi wrote, “Ever since she was little, Jahnavi didn’t just watch IPL, she started watching cricket. By listening carefully to the commentators, she began to understand the intricacies of the game. When she was about 12, we were in bali for a family vacation, at the hotel there was a coffee table book, the size of (which was) a thick phone book, remember? It contained life stories, achievements, records, a kind of almanac, of every cricketer in the world.During the few days we spent at the hotel, between his jumps in the swimming pool and his mad hatter behavior she sat at the gazebo by the pool and read this book cover It was so unusual and so intense What 12 year old girl did I wonder Over the years her interest in the game has only increased. When talking about cricket, his face lights up e, she is happy and enthusiastic. His knowledge on the subject is amazing to me.

Juhi further thanked her as CEO of KKR for being a good mentor and revealed that Jahnavi attended her first IPL auction at just 17 years old and KKR CEO Venky Mysore also asked her to express their opinions.

“Jahnavi set some kind of record of being the youngest person to be allowed on the IPL auction table 3 years ago, she was only 17. Aryan and Jahnavi attended the last auction, and this time Suhana has joined in. It’s extremely kind of Mr. Venky Mysore, our CEO, allowing him to participate in important discussions and even encouraging him to express his views. lovingly “Coach”. Sure, she’s like a young trainee training at KKR camp, but she feels so pumped up about it. She’s where her heart is and it shows. As a mother, I feel blessed, happy and proud of the little girl. She is extremely bright, has a long way to go, with the grace of God, she is on her way,” concluded Juhi Chawla.

During the IPL 2022 auction, photos of the trio, Jahnavi Mehta, Aaryan Khan and Suhana Khan went viral on the internet.

During the 2021 auction, the KKR official shared photos of Jahnavi Mehta, tweeting, “The youngest bidder in IPL auction history is back.”

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Ashita Singh